Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PA DOT Wanting To Access Shale Gas By Replacing Pond Eddy Bridge?


In an earlier article today I posed the question, "Why is PA DOT wanting to replace a beautiful old historic bridge with a very large, heavy two lane bridge big enough to allow for LARGE TRUCKS, and I further mused...could it be for FRACKING?

Well, if you listen to the video above, seems that others far smarter, other more in the loop than I are having the exact same thoughts, which makes it even more important that we be successful in saving the Pond Eddy Bridge, and the beautiful scenic beauty its one lane protects.

So FRACTIVISTS, watch the video, then get involved...we need signatures on our Petition for starters...5,000 of them.  Click on the tab above this post to be taken right to the Petition Signature Page!  This fight is officially about more than just saving a bridge, it is about saving a pristine scenic wonder from (un) Natural Gas FRACKING!

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