Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pond Eddy In News Today...Changing Tide?

In The News...seems all the noise being made by environmentalist and preservationists may be having an effect as citizens band together to save the "Pond Eddy Bridge".  The NY DOT commissioner is now wondering if preservation funds could be used to restore the bridge where it sits.  Meanwhile, one has to wonder if a lawsuit should be brought against the Interstate Bridge Commission for dereliction of duty, as it is them directly who have failed in their duty to MAINTAIN THE BRIDGE IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION.  From the article:

The state has earmarked $5 million for construction of a new Pond Eddy Bridge and McDonald does not advocate pulling those funds, DOT spokesman William Reynolds said.

The commissioner wants to “investigate if there are resources available for historic preservation that could be allocated to these bridges instead of using scarce resources needed to maintain infrastructure that is much more heavily used,” he said.

Reynolds said the commissioner “would also like the Interstate Bridge Commission agreement legislation to determine what updates are necessary to meet the demands of modern traffic.”

The New York State DOT “is committed to working with PENN-DOT to find a solution amenable to everybody,” he said.
Don't forget...Saturday at 3:00 PM a major campaign to SAVE THE POND EDDY will be kicked off at the bridge on 97.

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